Chicken Coop Plans for 30-35 Chickens (PDF)

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Brand: Rita Marie's

This chicken coop design is a classic coop-and-run combo, with an A-Frame gabled roof, walk-in hen house as well as full-height run area. With a unique end profile and exterior nesting boxes for added convenience, you have the flexibility to have several doors and plenty of ventilation in this chicken coop for 30 to 35 chickens. Start building the coop of your dreams with these professional, easy-to-use chicken coop plans!

About this coop design:
  • Footprint: 8' x 18'
  • Flock Size: 30-35 Chickens
  • 1 Hen House
  • 1 Covered Chicken Run
  • 1 Chicken Door and Ramp
  • 2 Windows
  • 3 Vent Lids
  • 2 Clean Out Lids
  • 6 Nesting Boxes

Included in the plans:
  • 44 Pages
  • Measurements in both Imperial and Metric
  • Pick List for Buying
  • Cut Sheet for Building
  • Step by Step Instructions

This is a digital resource, and does NOT include printed materials.

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