Shop By Flock Size

Find the perfectly sized chicken coop plans for your project.

Whether you’re raising a large flock or a small one, we have coop plans to fit your birds and budget.

If you are just starting out with raising chickens, then you may want to start small. If you are experienced with keeping chickens and want to up your game (pun intended), then we have chicken coop plans for flocks of all sizes. Either way, you’ll want to give yourself room to grow!

Start your DIY chicken coop journey by picking a flock size:

Great for beginners or a small yard, 6 hens can be expected to yield a dozen or more eggs a week.

Also great for beginners and smaller yards, an 8-hen flock can yield a dozen and a half eggs per week.

Stepping up your game to 10 chickens shows just how serious your hobby is getting.

Whether you’re into yard pets, or “pets who pay rent”, if you’re looking to raise 15 birds you love chickens!

If you have an egg-loving family, you can expect 20 chickens to yield 4 or 5 dozen a week.

Ok nobody can eat that many eggs – you’re either a farmer, or you’re officially obsessed!