About Rita Marie’s Chicken Coops

We provide helpful resources such as eBooks, chicken coop plans and more to help you build better coops yourself and raise chickens the right way.

We also sell ready-to-use chicken coops over at LargeChickenCoops.com if DIY just isn’t your style!

Our mission is to

“empower Americans with self-sufficiency while making America‚Äôs backyards beautiful”

Our values






Rita Marie’s Chicken Coops is owned and operated by Simon and Chris, friends and business partners located in the Dallas / Fort Worth area of north Texas.

We named this business after Simon’s loving grandmother, who grew up on a farm in the Midwest. Her family grew and prepared their own food every day.

Now we get to extend this heritage to you through helpful resources to help you care for your own family, and live off of your own land. Rita’s long-lasting legacy is self-sufficiency and farm fresh food.

Rita Marie