Chicken Barn Plans for 20-25 Chickens (PDF)

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Brand: Rita Marie's

A classic and practical design especially for warm climates, this chicken coop design has the hen house sitting atop of the run, so they share equal square footage with half the footprint. This is a really efficient chicken coop design that can work in both rural and suburban environments, making the most out of your space, time and materials.

About this coop design:

  • Footprint: 4' x 7'
  • Flock Size: 20-25 Chickens
  • 1 Hen House
  • 1 Covered Chicken Run
  • 1 Chicken Door with Ramp
  • 6 Windows

Included in the plans:
  • 21 Pages
  • Measurements in both Imperial and Metric
  • Pick List for Buying
  • Cut Sheet for Building
  • Step by Step Instructions

This is a digital resource, and does NOT include printed materials.
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