Chicken Coop and Run Plans for 10-15 Chickens (PDF)

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Brand: Rita Marie's

With this coop-and-run combination, you can build the perfect hands-off coop design. If you're looking for a predator-proof chicken coop design, this coop is the best choice. An elevated hen house gives maximum chicken run floor space, and plenty of ventilation makes this coop perfect for warmer climates. The 26 page PDF of chicken coop instructions are waiting to help you build the perfect DIY coop!

About this coop design:
  • Footprint: 8' x 12'
  • Flock Size: 10-15 Chickens
  • Elevated Coop
  • Integrated Chicken Run
  • Access Door
  • Chicken Door and Ramp

Included in the plans:
  • 26 Pages
  • Measurements in both Imperial and Metric
  • Pick List for Buying
  • Cut Sheet for Building
  • Step by Step Instructions

This is a digital resource, and does NOT include printed materials.

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